Contax Cameras in Collection
1936-42 Contax II Camera
1936-42 Contax III Camera
1950-61 Contax II(a) Camera
1950-61 Contax III(a) Camera
1947-55 Kiev II Camera
1936 Contax I (f) 1936-42 Contax II 1936-42 Contax III 1950-61 Contax II(a) 1950-61 Contax III(a) 1947-55  Kiev II
1947 - 52 Kiev III Camera 1952 Contax D Camera 1954 Hexacon Camera
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1947 - 52 Kiev III 1952 Contax D 1954 Hexacon blank blank blank
In 1932 Zeiss Ikon introduced the Contax camera. A 35mm Rangefinder camera, it was designed to compete with the Leica in the growing 35mm market. Zeiss took a leaf out of the Leitz book by introducing a plethora of lenses and other items to create a 'system' camera equal to the Leica. Zeiss was a huge conglomerate, a goliath, in comparison to the David of Leitz, a family run business. With all the resources at its disposal it is a wonder that Zeiss did not surpass Leica in the 35mm market place. Between Leica and Contax, Germany dominated the world of photography for 60 years. The Single Lens Reflex camera, specifically the Nikon F of 1959 was the beginning of the end for the rangefinder camera and Zeiss stopped production of the venerable Contax in 1961.