Corfield Cameras in Collection
1954 Corfield Periflex (I) Camera
1958 Periflex 2 Camera
1961 Periflex Gold Star Camera
1954 Corfield Periflex (I) 1958 Periflex 2 1961 Periflex Gold  Star
Corfield was formed in 1948 in Wolverhampton, England and begun manufacturing the Lumimeter, a simple enlarging exposure meter.  In 1953 a high quality camera, the Periflex was offered to the public and quickly became a great succcess.  The company moved to Ballymoney in County Antrim, Ireland in 1959.  Relatively cheap, high quality Japanese cameras were now appearing in most U.K. camera shops and in response to this the major German manufacturers reduced their prices.  After an extensive but not too successful search for outside capital to revamp their camera line, the company was taken over by Guiness, but even so, camera production ceased in 1961. One of the few British post war quality camera manufacturers.