Diax Cameras in Collection
1952-56 Diax 1a Camera 1953 Diaxette Camera
1951-54 Diax II Camera 1954-56 Diax IIa Camera
1951 Diax 1 1952-56 Diax 1a 1953 Diaxette 1951-54 Diax II 1954-56 Diax IIa
1956-57 Diax Ib Camera 1956-57 Diax IIb Camera blank blank blank blank
1956-57 Diax Ib 1956-57 Diax IIb blank blank blank blank
The Diax camera was the brainchild of Walter Voss who moved quickly after World War 2 to join manufacturers determined to reassert Germany’s place as the world leader in photographic equipment.  Voss registered the name Diax in 1945 and the first Diax cameras were on the market in 1947; just in time to catch the worldwide wave of enthusiasm for amateur photography.

The company Walter Voss Photokamera-Fabrikation & Feinmechanik established in 1946 was a tiny enterprise.  In 1948 when production was well under way, there were only nine staff.  Over the ten years of production, the maximum staff complement was 64 and over that ten-year period, the company produced and sold around 100 000 Diax cameras worldwide in direct competition with the products of companies like Zeiss and Voigtlander.

Voss seems to have selected the name “Diax” for much the same reasons that George Eastman selected “Kodak”.  The name is short, unique and easily recognisable across national and language boundaries.

The “a” and “b” series were true system cameras in the mould of the Voigtlander Prominent.  The Diax system included 10 lens types covering 6 focal lengths with a common filter thread size of 40.5mm, proximeters, a reflex housing by Sperling, reproduction stand, add-on rangefinder and viewfinders including a universal finder by Steinheil. 

Diax production ended in December 1957.