NAGEL/KODAK Cameras in Collection
1929 Nagel Vollenda Camera 1931 Nagel Pupile Camera
1932/37 Kodak Vollenda camera
1933-37 Kodak Duo Six - 20 camera
1938 Kodak Suprema camera
1929 Vollenda 1930 Nagel
1931 Pupile 1932/37 Kodak
1933-37  Kodak Duo
Six - 20
1938 Kodak Suprema

In 1932, George Eastman, owner of Kodak purchased the Nagel Camerawerk in Stuttgart, Germany.  Dr. Nagel was respected internationally as one of the top camera designers in the German Photographic industry. Eastman agreed to let him run the company his way and to ship the cameras with Kodak’s name on them. Kodak acquired a prestige camera line with little more than the flourish of a pen.