Ricoh cameras in collection
1950-1955 Steky Model II Camera
1954 Ricolet Camera 1964 Ricoh Singlex Camera 1964 Richoh SinglexCamera with lightmeter
1950-1955 Steky Model II 1954 Ricolet
1964 Singlex 1964 Singlex with lightmeter
Riken began in 1917 as a Research Institute and in 1936 Riken Kankoshi Co. was established to exploit a copy-paper patent of theirs. After buying Olympic Camera Works in 1937 they began producing their own cameras. Several small changes to the Riken name occured throughout the 40' and 50's until 1963 saw the name changed to Ricoh Co. Ltd. and Ricoh still manufactures cameras, copiers, telephones and other business related items.1950 to 1955 Riken Optical co. (Tokyo, Japan) Now Ricoh.