1965 70 Robot Recorder 24
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1965 - 70  Robot Recorder 24  is a motor-ready technical / scientific camera for stationary use. Typically used as traffic cameras (radar traps!) in Europe.   Produced 50 speeding tickets per roll  (24 X 24mm images). Optional bulk film magazines were available. Spring motor in base, similar to the Robot Royal 24, except no viewfinder or rangefinder, nor continuous / single exposure option (blanked plate to left of lens.).  This original (a) version comes with a Schneider - Kreuznach f3.8 / 75mm Tele-Xenar lens for close-ups of your license plate. I seem to remember that in Switzerland the Police stopped sending the actual photos to the speeders homes (along with the ticket) because of complaints that the photos were too detailed; too many instances of indelicacies being exposed, as it were. (So, who was that person in the passenger seat last Saturday afternoon at 14:43 on Rue de Lausanne, dear?  I thought you had to work last weekend.......  Bummer).