1953 to 1957 Robot Royal III
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1953 to 1957 Robot Royal III. This camera is  Robot's new line of high-end cameras designed to compete with the Leica M and Zeiss Contax cameras of the day.  This cameras still has the 24 x 24mm format for 50 exposures (although a 18 x 24 half frame and a 24 x 36 version were offered).  It also has a coupled rangefinder and a built in spring motor for up to 5 exposures per second (a lever on the front selects single or continous firing)  This model continues to utilize a rotary shutter similar to the first Robot I.  The example pictured here has a  Schneider - Kreuznach Xenar f2.8 / 38mm lens now in bayonet mount instead of the 26mm screw mount of all the previous Robots.