1934 - 38  Robot I
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1934 - 38  Robot I  has several unique characteristics: motor drive, rotary shutter, a viewfinder that swivels 90 degrees for discrete shooting of subjects, (Spy stuff)  a built-in lever actuated yellow/green filter as well as special supply and take-up cassettes (K cassette) which open automatically inside the camera once the rear hinged door  is closed.  The standard 35mm film cartridge would wait until 1934 to be invented and marketed by Kodak.  The body is made of Stainless steel which makes for a robust and, for it's size, very heavy camera.  This 1937 version has a Zeiss Tessar  f3.5 / 3 1/4 cm lens in a 26mm screw mount (similar to the Cine or "C" mount but not compatible, it will screw on but is not indexed to the film plane and therefore will not focus).