1938 - 41  Zeiss Ikon tenax II

38 tenax   
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1938 - 41  Zeiss Ikon tenax II is actually an earlier camera than the Tenax I which was introduced in 1939. This was a more expensive camera with coupled rangefinder and interchangeable lenses. Both versions were aimed at the 24 X 24 format, 35mm market which was dominated by the motor driven Robot camera. The large lever on front was a film advance which was advertised to be able to do 4 frames-per-second. The camera is unique in that the special Compur-Rapid shutter is built into the camera body instead of in the lens mount. Unlike the Tenax I and the Robot it was not continued after the war.  This example has the standard Zeiss Tessar f2.8 / 40mm lens.