1954 Corfield Periflex (I)

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1954 Corfield Periflex (I) black. An economically priced, high quality 35mm camera body with a focal plane shutter and a Leica lens mount, A glass film pressure plate was incorporated as it was easy to polish and avoided film scratches. Another innovation was the sprocket-less film transport which simplified the wind-on mechanism and avoided jamming. a small periscope which could be lowered behind the lens for focussing. This would allow the user to view the central part of the image through the lens and so focus the image. The periscope was then retracted and the photograph taken. A separate conventional viewfinder was provided to compose the image. This very early production periflex has the shutter speed numbers engraved on the top plate as well as the Periflex name.  An English made Lumar f3.5 / 50mm lenscompletes this unique British camera.